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Thattekad Diary

The forest closed in all around us as the sun was infringing the western-ghats in a halo of orange and red. And it was not just another evening for the four of us who treaded softly over the drying cluster of leaves that carpeted the jungle floor: it was so eventful. The guide who led… Continue reading Thattekad Diary


from Foreword to SILVERFISH by Jayanta Mahapatra

FOREWORD   Each of us has his own reason and his own reasons for writing; Murali Sivaramakrishnan’s words prominently focuses on his own—when he says: Between us, we speak differently. And yet we make out What the other intends in silence Where speech separates from the air… And, he continues: Our language is still the… Continue reading from Foreword to SILVERFISH by Jayanta Mahapatra

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The Horror the horror!

Apparently it is impossible to continue to exist without righteous indignation at the present. There are more than enough reasons to exercise your anger. In fact, it is becoming more and more difficult to continue to contain ones anger. Everyday debilitating news brings us close and closer towards breaking our own vows of resistance and… Continue reading The Horror the horror!