Blue Moon Above the Sea

I have not seen the sun set so peacefully like this evening

Receding from this sea shore with slow valediction.

Here you stand with wide eyes

And gaze at the rising waves, your hand in mine, warm still.

How many dawns have we seen from this tiny corner

Of our world slowly climb up the mounting waves

And close in over the darkening hills! It is all about

Light and shade: nothing more. But I have seen it all

In these wondrous eyes. Day and night, sun and star.

Now the dark closes behind your floating hair. And then

With the suddenness of a flickering star your eyes widen

Again and again: the village by the sea floats up in a sea of light.

Fireworks lighten sky and night—their flares swell

With the sea’s delight as you break into sweet laughter

Letting the night slowly merge with the palm leaves and sand

Your hand in mine, warm still, and a blue moon above the sea.

Dr Murali Sivaramakrishnan