Thought for the Day 11.12.2012

There is apparently nothing strange about our contemporary commercial culture—everyone seems to take it for granted that globalisation is in for all people and for all times and climes and there is little one could do about it.  And globalization is just an alternative phase of Americanisation, perhaps—which amounts to stating that it is crass commercialization and aught else. We are growing up very well as great sellers and buyers. WE CAN SEEL ANYTHING QUICKER! Just imagine, we have managed to create a populace craving for the finer aspects of buying possessing and hoarding, and at the same time working it out, dieting and reducing!  We have managed to incorporate all kinds of new diseases on account of our sedentary lifestyles like Diabetes, Blood pressure, accumulated Cholesterol and what not and at the same time reinvented the calisthenics of healthy living – the workout culture! Instead of having lived a healthy life with an innately implanted balanced diet in tune with our inner nature and the outer nature, we have forfeited the local for the global. Now worse things are to follow—we eat, grow fatter, and reduce calorie-intake resorting to cholesterol-free stuff and diet till death. Life is completely meaningless once again (as if it was ever otherwise!)  Now the worst aspect of this appears like this: this is Diwali week and the season of lights and festivities and sweets. A news item in the newspaper that caught my attention goes like this: the international day of dieting falls alongside this Diwali season—come and enjoy these sugar-free-sweets! What a season of contradictions, indeed!

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